Balt Yard

Balt Yard provides comprehensive services in ship repairing. Our offer focuses on supervision and performance of repairs in dock in the Polish and foreign shipyards under terms and conditions mutually agreed with the shipowner. We carry out major and minors repair, regeneration and upgrading work on sea transport means offering a wide variety of services: steel work, maintenance-painting operations as well as electrical and piping work.

Our offer include:

  • Comprehensive repairs of vessels,
  • Class and dock repairs of vessels,
  • Repairs in shipyards,
  • Washing and cleaning engine room bilges,
  • Washing, cleaning and painting sewage treatment and holding tanks,
  • Reception and utilisation of wastes after tank cleaning,
  • Reception and utilisation of oily waters and particles generated as a result of fuel tank cleaning,
  • Stream-abrasive cleaning of hulls and constructional elements of vessels,
  • Painting hulls and steel construction elements,
  • Analysis of explosive atmospheres in enclosed spaces by using portable explosimeter,
  • Attestation of tanks for work with naked flames,
  • Supervision over work on mounting new constructional elements on board water crafts,
  • Selection of anticorrosion protections for steel constructions,
  • Completion of anticorrosion protection for ballast tanks by applying soft coatings (Fluid film, Permia film),
  • Arrangement and transport of hazardous and oversized cargoes .
  • Repairs:
    • Main and auxiliary engines of all vessels,
    • Installation and elements of power hydraulics ,
    • Electric generators,
    • Reduction gears.


lifting capacity 2.500 t
length overall 100 m
internal breadth 22 m
draught over keelblocks 5.0 m
compressed air system 0.6 MPa
cranes Up to 50 t
sludge and sewage tank
steam, firefighting, fresh water and acetylen / oxygen systems
power supply AC - 440 V, 220 V 24 V
maximum length of lifted vessel up to110 m

Floating Docks

lifting capacity 8.000 t
length overall 150 m
internal breadth 27 m
draught over keelblocks 8 m
compressed air system 0.6 MPa
storage fuel oil tanks 150 cum
cranes 2 x 8 t
sludge and sewage tank
steam and firefighting system
power supply AC - 440 V, 380 V, 220 V DC - 220 V, 110 V, 24 V
maximum length of lifted vessel 170 m

Balt Yard
Balt Yard
Balt Yard