Dongsung Engineering Ulsan, Korea

Floating Docks

Current              Length x            Lifting Cap     Cranes
number            In.Width (m)           (Ton)            (ton)
No.1                  155×23.4               8500              5
No.2                  129.4 x 23             6500           5 & 10

Engine & Machinery Works Overhauling and adjusting for each type of main and aux. engine, Overhauling for class. survey, Turbo-charger overhaul & balancing test, Compressors and pumps overhaul and repair, Machinery installation and hydraulic motors overhaul and repair, Refrigerator system repair, Control & monitoring system repair, Electric equipment repair & cabling, Heat exchanger cleaning & retubing, Boiler tube renewal and repair.

Steel Structure Works

Renewal work for shell, deck plates & bulkhead, internal members etc., Renewal and reinforcement for crack or buckling area, Reinforcement underneath for structure of deck machinery, Installation and partial renewal for various steel out fittings and structure of deck machinery, Hatch cover repair and packing renewal, Cargo gear and crane overhaul and load test, Deck machinery & hyd. system overhaul & repair, Piping line renewal and repair, Safety equipment repair and renewal, N.D.T. and thickness gauging for class survey.

Reconditioning & Machinery Work

The major reconditioning items are as below:

Piston crown, Cylinder head, Cylinder liner, Re-metal of various bearing, Metalising of various shaft.

Manufacturing & Machinery Works Australian & inclining ladder, Ventilator head, Machinery seat & bed, Hatch cover & fittings, Cargo derrick & crane boom & fittings, Opening door & grating, Container fittings, Various tank & portable tank, Various steel structure and ship steel outfittings, Machining of various shaft, Machining of flat and liner plate, Various flanges.

In-Water Survey & Salvage Dongsung can perform survey works on behalf of the classification societies and make report with video or still camera photographs for designated area by monitor system (CCTV) and they also perform emergency patching work or salvage work.

In-Water Hull Cleaning & Propeller Super-Polishing By using cleaning gear, underwater hull cleaning and propeller super-polishing of V.L.C.C can be done within 24 hours during vessel’s loading or discharging, and it brings fuel saving effect by decreasing hull resistance, by minimum cost with maximum effect.

Supervision & Engineering By utilizing live information through their close contact with Korea new building yards like Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Dongsung can cope with any kind of challenge which might occur during the vessel’s voyage. At the same time, Dongsung have an established cooperative network with well-known maritime research institutes to respond to any owner’s request for local site inspection and new building supervision for their vessels.

Spare Parts Supply

Dongsung supply various spare parts in close cooperation with over 200 professional domestic spare parts manufacturing companies as well as their own company.