Marland BS

Major Repair and Reconditioning of Lifeboat Approved Survey and Inspection of Quick Release Gear.

Marland Boat Service is a new company, with Workshops in Hong Kong for the service of lifeboat and davit in compliance to the new regulation IMO/SOLAS regulations (incl. MSC/Cir 1206).

This new lifeboat service workshop is a subsidiary of Marland Technical Services Ltd., a company of more than 18 years as an internationally reputed name in the marine service field since its establishment in 1988.

At the moment, Marland Boat Service Ltd. has obtained the authorization from the following makers and has been delegated to issue certificate on behalf of the original makers:


Fr. Fassmer GmbH& Co. KG Germany

Fassmer Davit GmbH. Germany

Wuxi Hai Hong Boat Making, China

Oriental Precision & Engineering, Korea

Jiangyin Xinjiang F.R.P. Co., Ltd. China

Dongnam Marine Crane Co., Ltd. Korea

Nishi-F Co., Ltd. Japan

Mansei Industry Co., Ltd. Japan

Ishihara Co., Ltd. Japan

Miura Vider Co., Ltd. Japan

Tsuneishi Forestry Construction, Japan

Sekigahara Seisakusho Ltd. Japan

IHI Craft Inc. Japan

Tsuji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Japan

Hyundai Lifeboats Co., Ltd. Korea

Zhenjiang Marine Davit, China

Shigi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Japan

Wuxi Dongwu Davit, China

Hoei Senpaku Co., Ltd. Japan


Through the agreement with our principal makers, we can supply:

– Original copy of maker’s check list and certificate

– Original/verified copy of Operation and Maintenance Manual as required by the new regulation

– Genuine spare parts with ready stock in our warehouse or fast supply directly from makers