MHI Ship Repair and Services

Marine Hydraulics International, Inc. is a major ship repair and conversion contractor located on the Mid-Atlantic Coast of the United States. Based in the port city of Norfolk, Virginia, MHI is close to major shipping lanes, within one of the world’s largest natural harbours and ice-free all year long.

Channel depth and dockside draft are maintained at 11 meters. This gives our Clients’ ships both deepwater access and heavy weather protection. At the same time, MHI is easily accessible via highway and railway. We are just minutes from airport passenger and cargo terminals. Major bulk and container cargo terminals are within a 20 Kilometer radius.

On Time On Budget To Spec–For 50 Years. With over 50 years of consistent management, MHI has a proven track record of accurate job costing and reliable, economical ship repair and service. Offering engineering services, ship repairs, conversion and refitting, we maintain performance standards for quality work, on schedule, at reasonable cost.

Covering all the bases We’re accustomed to the uncertainties of seaborne activity, anticipating situations that could cause major delays. We can intercede with local officials for you and your crew. We can coordinate whatever engineering or repair services your vessel might need.

MHI’s welding department is fully capable of making repairs to the most stringent requirements. Examples of MHI’s past performance include repairs to commercial and naval vessels in way of Cargo Hold Damage, Exhaust Gas Eonomizers, Boilers, Hull Damage, Foundations, Tank Repair, Boat Davits, Super Structure and Main Deck repairs.

MHI has invested in the latest Plasma Arc and CAD CAM cutting equipment to compliment a 4,500 sq. ft. fab shop area. Along with the necessary Break and Shear equipment MHI’s Fab shop has produced work for vessels around the clock for over 20 years.

Some examples of past work include, but are not limited to, fabrication of a complete Deck House, Berthing Mods., Plastic Waste and Pulper Shredders, Vent Duct, Tank Fabrication, Foundations, Industrial Equipment, Crane Cabs, Bulwarks, Platforms, Deck Extensions, support of Main Engine Overhauls and Removals, Main Masts, Cell Guides and Crane Booms.