Port Marine Contractors Durban

Port Marine Contractors was founded by Tony Bennett and Willem Kruk in 1988 and provides a complementary and essential support service to the parent company Elgin Brown & Hamer and others in the group.

The company, through the competent leadership of managing director Willem Kruk, undertakes all types of ship structure refurbishment, including painting, wet abrasive and grit sand blasting, tank and hold bilge cleaning, boiler cleaning, chemical cleaning and high pressure washing. It has a wealth of experience in the application of all types of marine coatings which has been of benefit to the marine fraternity worldwide for many years.

In addition, the company offers very competitive rates for en-voyage services in the form of riding crews to carry out tank de-sludging, cleaning and painting, with no loss of service time to the Ship Owner. These crews are able to embark and disembark vessels at most ports worldwide.

  • Gas Freeing
  • Steel hot works
  • Demucking/Desludging
  • Disposal of Residues
  • Riding Crews
  • Labour Supply
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • UHP Aqua Blasting
  • Application of Coatings
  • Boiler, Tank and Bilge Cleaning