Electro Marine – Part of the EBH Group

Electro Marine was founded at Cape Town in 1987 and was brought into the EBH group in 1990. At that time a Durban branch was opened within the premises of Elgin Brown & Hamer. John Flynn, a founding member of the company, is Managing Director based in Cape Town.

The Durban branch is run by recently appointed branch manager Petrus Brown.

At both locations Electro Marine can offer:

  • Switchboard and Breaker Repairs;
  • “Secondary Injection” testing for calibration of protective units;
  • synchronising/ paralleling;
  • panel building and repairs;
  • AVR repairs;
  • transformer manufacture or repairs;
  • repairs and servicing of electronic controls and instrumentation;
  • main engine and boiler controls and alarm systems;
  • machinery controls and alarms;
  • fire detection and alarms;
  • cathodic protection;
  • cable gangs and rigging squads;
  • “Men on the Move”, coastal and deep sea;
  • Overhaul/ Repair of 900kVA, 12 pole alternators;
  • 3600kVA 6 pole alternators both in our workshops or on board in situ.;
  • Rewind of alternators to 1.4MW, 60HZ, random wire;
  • induction motors up to 2.5MW, 6600V 8 pole;
  • Schrage AC Variable brush gear and transformer regulator AC Variable speed motors;
  • Slip ring motors;
  • DC Motors for rotary table;
  • Draw works;
  • Cement pumps;
  • Anchor handling;
  • Kiln drives;
  • Compressor motors;
  • DC Generators.

This work is backed up by the company’s computer program, in which suspect winding or design changes are checked for correctness.

We also have a Data Bank available on CD Rom containing technical information and winding data for a total of 362,703 assorted motors.

Dynamic Balancing of rotors and armatures

  • up to 3500kg;
  • laser alignment of motors and gearboxes;
  • manufacture of bar wound coils, set and hairpin coils with sectional wire and special covering for VPI and resin rich technologies.