Tru-Marine Singapore

Tru-Marine is an international group of turbocharger companies specializing in the maintenance, repair, overhaul and supply of turbochargers in marine, offshore, power plant and locomotive applications.

The Group represents renowned turbocharger manufacturers as the authorized and cooperative repair shop, including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kompressorenbau Bannewitz as well as Napier Turbochargers.

Tru-Marine has a strong reputation for delivering relevant, high quality MRO solutions, offering an extensive expertise from scheduled overhauls and reconditioning services to emergency repairs, with the following capabilities:

  • – Turbocharger overhaul
  • – Laser cladding reclamation
  • – Cover ring reclamation
  • – Turbine blade repairs
  • – Rotorshaft repairs
  • – Reconditioning of bearings
  • – Reconditioning of lubricating oil pumps
  • – Dynamic balancing
  • – Supply of turbocharger spares

With constant innovation a key tenet since the 1990s, the Group brings to market its strength in proprietary turbocharger reclamation technologies and its value proposition of economic and environmental benefits from the repairs of useful components in place of their premature replacements.

A global market leader, Tru-Marine has been endorsed with accolades by numerous industry and governmental organizations through the years, with the highest honour conferred by the Singapore Quality Award in 2009. A symbol of world-class business excellence, the Singapore Quality Award is based on universally accepted standards that are found in the United States’ Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the European Quality Award, the Australian Business Excellence Award, the Japan Quality Award and the South African Excellence Award.

The Group today offers global service coverage from seven full-facility service stations in Singapore, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Zhoushan Sharjah, Dubai and Rotterdam.

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