Carell S.A Shipyard

Carell S.A. is based in the strategic location of Piraeus and offers a broad range of modern facilities, a wealth of experience and expertise to meet the repair and refurbishment needs of ship owners and operators in a timely, cost effective and high quality manner.


335.3 X 53.6m 7.9m draft (250,000 DWT)
421 X 75m 5.5m draft (500,000 DWT)
Access to graving docks operated by other shipyards

Floating Docks

Access to town docks and floating docks operated
by other shipyards
75 X 12m; 107 X 18m; 135 X 18m; 200 X 30m
252.2 X 35.7m X 8.5m (72,000 DWT)
232.2 X 34 X 6m (60,000 DWT)
162 X 24 X 6.5m (22,000 DWT)
227 X 35 X 7.5m (75,000 DWT)
252 X 41 X 8.8m (110,000 DWT)
195 X 33.5 X 9m (48,000 DWT)
151 X 21 X 7.9 (18,000 DWT)


Floating Crane up to 250t lifting capacity and draft up to 10m

Number of Employees



An extensive range

Local Engine Manufacturers

All available

Local Paint Suppliers

All available

Local Classification Suppliers

All available

Electrical Contractors Available


Hydraulic Contractors Available


Hydro Blasting Available


Grit Blasting Available


Day Shift

0700 - 1400

Night Shift

1400 - 1700

Other Shift

1700 - 2100


Machinery, Steel Plate & Pipe Workshop, Electrical

General Location

10km from City Centre / International Airport Eleftherios Benizelos

Carell S.A Shipyard
Carell S.A Shipyard
Carell S.A Shipyard
Carell S.A Shipyard
Carell S.A Shipyard