MTG Dolphin

Floating Docks

205 x 31.5m (Lift 18,000t) Max Dr 9m
150 x 24.4m (Lift 8,500t) Max Dr 6m


1 x 80t; 2 x 32t; 2 x 12.5t (Gantry)
4 x 25t; 2 x 8t (Tower Cranes)
10 Workshop Cranes with capacity from 5-10t

Number of Employees

720 Employed


Up to 100

Local Engine Manufacturers

MAN & Wartsila Representations

Local Paint Suppliers

Sigma. Jotun, Internationsl, Chugoku, Wilkens-Kansai

Local Classification Suppliers

LR; GL; BV; DNV (ABS and RINA attend from Greece)

Electrical Contractors Available

Shipyard own Team of 18 electricians + 5 automation subcontractors

Hydraulic Contractors Available

Shipyard own team of 15 hydaulics engineers + 10 specialised subcontractors

Hydro Blasting Available

Scheduled in 2010 2500 bar will blast 20-60m2 per hour

Grit Blasting Available

Hull - 3000m2 / day

Steel Production Rate

Crop & Renew 5t per day. Block Section 15t per day.

Day Shift

0745 - 1645

Night Shift

1800 - 2300


Steel; Blast & Paint; Pipe; Mechanical; Machining (Shafts up to 10m x dia 1.5m); Electrical; Turbo Charger (Balance up to 3.5t); Governor; Hydraulic; US Cleaning; USTM (Authorising from LR, BV, GL, NKK)

General Location

12km (about 15-20mins) from City Centre. Airport 10km Hotel Panorama (4*, 10km, €80-90); Hotel Plaza (4*, 12km, €80-90); Capitol (5*, 12km, €120); Golden Tulip (4*, 10km, €80-100); Musala (5*, 12km, €150-230)